Saturday, 23 December 2006

The Jury Is Out

It is said on the grapevine that the British Medical
Association has advised GPs/doctors to ignore the
issues surrounding technologies using microwave
radiation such as mobile phone masts, TETRA, mobile
phones, cordless phones and all ‘wireless’ equipment
“Because the jury is out.”

Whether this is true or not is open to debate, as indeed
are the research findings and scientific conclusions
reached about the safety of these technologies.
Yet the Government’s own advisor and Director of the
Health Protection Agency (HPA), Sir William Stewart,
advocatedtaking a precautionary approach in view of the
fact that further research was needed on the biological
effects of pulsed microwave radiation in his report of
December 2004for the NRPB
(National Radiological Protection Board).

The UK’s idea of ‘precautionary’ is to state that proof of
safety means solely to comply with the ICNIRP guidelines -
which incidentally only take into account the thermal aspects
and not the biological effects. That really must make everyone
feel totally safe and secure while mobile phone masts are
stackedup on the roofs of schools, hospitals, residential
buildings, entertainment centres, sports stadiums,
supermarkets etc or dumped on people’s doorsteps
and in children’s play parks.

Meanwhile, completely ignored and unmonitored, there are
cancer clusters springing up across the UK around mobile
phone and TETRA masts and further groups of people suffering
unpleasant symptoms/illness around TETRA masts or along any
of the lines of emissions.

TETRA (the UK’s emergency services radio network) is not
the same as mobile phone masts and each mast has to join
up with those around it to make a complete national
network. Therefore it must cross areas as the crow flies,
going through any building in its path. Along these paths
of TETRA emissions there are sick people, sometimes miles
away from the masts.

Many other countries have similar reports of health
problems, especially with the newer technologies using
pulsed microwave radiation, so this is a global concern
to add to the pollution of food, water, earth and sky.

This is also another additive to the damage being done
to our planet which will contribute to global warming
and cause more disasters and more suffering for all
living things.

We all have choices. We can either ignore it all/ tell
ourselves it is not our problem/ say we can’t beat power
and big money/think it is all too big for us to do
anything about, or we can find out what it is all about
and try to work towards changes.

I looked at my family and knew that I could not ignore
what is happening. Now I watch other people’s children
and wonder how their parents can!

If we damage our environment too much we are no better
than lemmings when they throw themselves over a cliff -
and we could end up like the dinosaurs!

How much do you love your family and friends, this
planet? How well do you comply with the wishes of
Our Creator?
He asks very little for all that you have enjoyed.

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