Friday, 22 December 2006

Who is monitoring our children?

Who is monitoring our children to ensure they are not suffering?

The dangers for children are endless in our corrupt societies. They are wide open to all sorts of abuse and it is no wonder that they cannot lead carefree childhoods playing outdoors with other children, as children have done since time began.

I remember my carefree childhood where I roamed for miles with the children of the neighbourhood exploring the beach area or the countryside on the edge of town.
We played on the streets or on bombsites and in the derelict building which were the legacy of WW2. One house, which was safer than the rest, was a theatre, hospital or anything we wanted, as we expanded our imaginations in good clean innocent fun. We even had a bombed church with an underground crypt and a high bell tower where we tested more of the skills we would need for our adult lives.
Our parents always knew we were safe and apart from the odd bruise or cut we always were.

The alternatives for modern children are very limited and deny them the freedom to learn and grow naturally and in a healthy way.

Apart from all the obvious dangers that exist such as too much traffic, bullies, drugs dealers and paedophiles etc there are now many hidden dangers.

Additives to food and water, medical drugs with side effects, pollution to our environment etc all add to the growing problems for our children.

Tied to the home, or having to be within sight of a responsible adult, they are usually surrounded by “wireless” technology such as mobile phones, DECT phones, broadband rooters, wifi etc. Outsides their homes, schools and parks there are growing forests of mobile phone masts and TETRA mast and, increasingly, more towns are blanketed by wifi.

Our skies are polluted by what is called “Chem Trails” - An insidious infiltration of chemicals to add to the mountain of chemicals already being used to pollute our earth, water and air.

How is all this affecting our growing youngsters? Is there any truth in the reports of increased illnesses such as leukaemia, asthma etc? Are our children hyperactive, less able to learn/relate to others, more aggressive/subdued, less healthy, more bored and dissatisfied, deprived of a good healthy childhood with the freedom to learn what they need to learn naturally? Are they being affected by chemicals, additives, pollution, untried and tested new technologies?

If we truly love our children and want the best for them shouldn’t we be researching to find out? Shouldn’t we be asking questions? If we are too busy, what hope do they have for their future?


Edward Ulysses Cate said...

You are right to be concerned, and the rest of us should be too. Recently there was a special series in the Kansas City Star about children and mental health. Here's the link:

The key information to me was "In 1990 Kansas community mental-health centers employed eight caseworkers statewide dedicated to disturbed kids. Today Kansas has 900. Mental illness is the No. 1 reason kids age 5 to 17 are hospitalized in Kansas. In Missouri, the Division of Mental Health served 8,400 children in 1995. Today, it helps nearly 17,000." [ and this is ONLY Kansas and Missouri.]

New York's cell phone towers were turned on November 14, 1996, according to Killing Fields, by Arthur Firstenberg. This has got to be the some of the results of what microwaves are doing to our kid's brains.

You're doing a good thing, but you're not "Dancing Alone."

Dances Alone said...

Hi Edward,

I share your views about children being affected by the technologies using pulsed microwave radiation - as in cell towers to you and mobile phone masts and TETRA to me.
This range of technologies also includes cordless phones and any "wireless" gadget such as Wifi etc.

Independant scientists have indicated that the newer 3G phones can cause behavioural and mood changes in children to include aggressive behaviour and depressive moods. This is denied by
scientists linked to government or industry.

In the UK, campaigners and independent scientists are adamant in their condemnation of TETRA (the UK emergency services radio network) for the increase in suicides, ill health, disturbing symptoms etc.

One independant scientist told me that anyone with a psychological disorder, however slight, would become much worse and probably be diagnosed with schizophrenia or some other mental illness if subjected to TETRA emissions. However, like many of those who are unwell or ill around TETRA in the UK, these people can and do recover if they can get away from TETRA! We who are sensitive to any of these technologies have proved this time and time again, yet no one in authority will listen.

My point in all this is that we are adults who can speak or act for ourselves.
Who in authority is overseeing all this new technology and monitoring their effects on our children, who cannot speak out and act for themselves? I often wonder if they can even work out what is affecting them. How could they know the difference?