Friday, 29 December 2006

The Torture of Humans and Animals

We all know that the torture of humans and animals has been carried
out down the corridors of time and that it still goes on today.
We prefer to think it does not happen in our backyard and we point the
finger, if we must, at other cultures or countries. Some people protest,
others walk on by.

However, it has now become so blatant that we would have to be totally
without feeling to ignore it - yet many do, either because to face it
would be too painful, or because it would “rock the boat” and make
waves in society.

It is not a new concept when authorities ignore or change the law; when
science is bought, or starved of funds; when news is withheld or hidden
under a cloud of deception and denial; but it is then that humanity and
conscious awareness in democratic societies is also denied to all living

Once moral and ethical standards are corrupted we become godless societies
and therefore we turn our backs on He who created us all. He is calling us
to reversethe trends that are putting our World and all living things in
Please read “The Sacred Instructions”

I received information on the four articles below today. Such
articles come frequently to those who are aware, and to others
who take the time to research.

Protest on the Anniversary of Guantánamo Bay
On January 11th, 2002, twenty hooded and shackled men shuffled
off a plane from Afghanistan, arriving at the U.S. prison at
Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. In an attempt to sidestep the Geneva
Convention protections for prisoners of war, the Bush
administration created a new category of “enemy combatant”
for these men captured in the “war on terror.”
Since that time, more than one thousand men and boys have
been imprisoned at Guantánamo. Accounts of cruel, inhuman,
and degrading treatment have been condemned by the United
Nations, Human Rights Watch and other reputable bodies.
The prisoners have resorted to hunger strikes as a way of
protesting their treatment, and many have attempted suicide;
three men killed themselves on June 10, 2006. Fear and
desperation mark their confinement.
Five years later, not a single prisoner has been charged,
tried or convicted of any crime. January 11th, 2007 marks five
years of unjust imprisonment, isolation, beatings, interrogation
and abuse.
We say: no more. We must say: no longer.
Many prisoners have been released because no evidence has been
found against them, yet more than 430 people continue to languish
in indefinite detention without hope of release, fair trial, or
even a hearing on the charges against them. The outgoing
Republican-led Congress passed laws to condone or cover up many
of these grossly illegal and immoral actions. The United States
government has abandoned law and justice.

A long silence

28th December 2006 update.
A response to LLRC's complaint about BBC tv prog. 'Nuclear
Nightmares'is more than two months overdue.

Nuclear Nightmares, a programme in the BBC's Horizon series,
was broadcast on BBC 2 tv on 13th July — the day before the
UK Government announced that a new generation of nuclear power
stations would be built.
It presented arguments and evidence (much of it relating to
Chernobyl) suggesting that the dangers of nuclear power have been
over-estimated by the conventional Linear No-Threshold (LNT) model
of radiation risk. It was far from agnostic on the disputed
scientific theories of radiation risk and it dismissed evidence of
adverse health effects as "having no credible scientific support."
Nuclear Nightmares attracted a number of complaints. We have no
idea how many, as the BBC doesn't release this information.
At the beginning of September LLRC sent a substantial complaint
about the programme's lack of balance. We outlined the theoretical
arguments it had ignored or, in our view, misrepresented and the
evidence it had left out or dismissed. The BBC said the complaint
would be answered by 24th October. Subsequently they have said it's
a complex issue and would take longer. There are indications that
the matter is being dealt with thoroughly but, of course, we reserve

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Low Level Radiation Campaign

Industry controlling the outcome of EMF research –

Sudden Infant Death challenge - no electrical industry or HPA takers so

COGHILL'S CHALLENGE To the electrical power utilities and the National
Radiological Protection Board

The £2000 ($3000) Coghill Challenge to power utility workers and the NRPB

Place any human infant of less than three months age to sleep each night
for at least eight hours in an ELF electric field of 100 Volts per metre
for thirty days. My studies predict that child will die, or become so
seriously ill that the test will have to be called off. The NRPB and the
power utilities' investigation levels by contrast predict there will be
no adverse effect.

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