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Seven Thunders Prophesy

THE SEVEN THUNDERS PROPHECIES By Robert Ghost Wolf, Wolf Lodge Cultural Foundation

(The following highlights the Seven Thunders Prophecies given by Robert Ghost Wolf from the May 27, 1998 interview on Art Bell . See also Hopi Indian Prophecies sponsored by Bill "White Bird" Smith of Illuminations Research Center).
[Quoting]: We are now at a point where the other prophecies, meaning that which is hidden within the Mayan records, that which is hidden within the Inca, that which has been hidden within the tribes here in North America that have held back. You see, after 500 years of persecution, you learn to keep your mouth shut. There are so many things within the prophecies that relate to our previously fixed agenda on what religion was, and where everybody came from, and how it happened, that would only result in great detrimental harm to the People who had the stories. Because of the persecution and the genocide that went on here in this country….well, it went on all over the place but it happened here. There were people who speak about the prophecies and they would literally have their eyes burned out or their tongues cut out. And, we're not talking about 100 years ago. I'm talking about 30 years ago.
Yes. So, at that time nobody was willing to come out. It was too dangerous. But, now we're at a point where I think that the Elders are looking at what's going on in the world universally.
Back in the 80s, I'd say '82, there was a council, a meeting the mountains of Taos. It was called the "Rainbow Walk." It was started by Elders from the Algonquin People of the northeast and they went around and spoke to Elders of the various Nations, where all these different Nations got together to bring their prophecies and talk about what they thought would be occurring, because it was evident to them that we are coming into a time of change…..that the warnings were starting to come.
They were comparing notes. One of the things they spoke about was the "Seven Thunders." What has happened over the years is that as I would go around and talk about the "Seven Thunders" and ask questions about them, I found that the stories were quite involved and layered and that there were various prophecies connected to them. The "Thunder" would come from the mountains. There would be a rolling thunder across this Earth. There would be a warning. The first three "Thunders" would be warnings. We would have time to turn around and change our attitudes, to change things; but by the time the fourth "Thunder" came, the course of events could no longer be altered. They would fall down in a certain manner and the world would then become a very strange place. We would see things we never thought we could see. We would see beings that we never thought were there. We would start again to have communication with the stars. We would notice dimensional rips. The Earth would rebel against what was being done to her.
The first "Thunder" had to do with the millions of starving children all over the world. Millions of starving children and starving people. The cries of these people would go unanswered. They would be ignored. It would appear that little groups would try to do things, but nothing would ever happen. We have seen this all over the world. Now we're seeing right here [in America].
We would start to go against the Laws of Nature and Nature would start to rebel. We would see the waters become tainted. We would see the trees react. We would see the disappearance of certain vegetation.
Then we would move into the second "Thunder". The second "Thunder" has to do with the coming of the comet in the sky [Hale-Bopp]. It was the warning that this preludes the coming of the "Purifier." I'm going to go to the Hopi end of it because they are the most articulate. We would see the "Twins" return to the Earth. The comet would be known by a blue and a white tail. The one "Twin" would work with the North Pole and the other "Twin" with the South Pole. They're the guardians of the entryway to the Inner Earth. And, as they came, they would start to move the Earth. They would move the frequencies that cause consciousness to work….that there would be changes within our consciousness, our perception, and within the Earth. All things are connected in a web.
And we're dealing with the fact that the sun is affected by the planets. The planets affect the sun, not the other way around. The sun has a very small degree, may 1%, and the planets are the other 99%. We're going through shifts right now in our solar system, where the planets are realigning….where the whole galaxy is realigning itself and changing positions…..You're going to see a lot of chaos between now and August. On August 22, you've got a situation where five planets [are] in alignment, pulling on each other. And, you've got a solar eclipse that's going to last 52 hours….It's going to last a longer than two days. I don't believe that it's going to be the whole world. That depends on the angle of the sun…..You're going to have some tremendous goings on, like high tides, floods and who knows what's going to happen emotionally.
[In the second "Thunder"] we start to see the fish dying. We see the waters start to die. We're in a situation where greater than 90% of the water in the USA is tainted. You can go to the rivers. They have to keep stocking them with fish. You go to Arizona and fish and get these little 8-inch trout. They dump them in the lakes every year, otherwise there would be no trout. You go along the banks of the shorts and creeks through Canada and New England and up into Montana…The vegetation that used to grow there….not there anymore. That's part of the waters dying. The frogs are disappearing. We're seeing this all over.
And marine life is throwing itself on the land. All things need water. They're trying to tell us something and it's up to us to perceive what they're telling us.
We go into the third "Thunder" and it talks about what had come from the comet…that's known as the "Green Mist." The "Green Mist" has to do with a fungus. Fungus that's on plants. Fungus that's in the wheat. Fungus that's causing disease and havoc among all life forms. We reach a point where animals would be born with mutations….We've seen frogs with five legs and fish with two heads, the snakes, rabbits with four ears. Even in the Spokane newspaper they said it would be roughly a year to two before we start to see that in human beings. There have been reports of children now being born in Mexico without organs, with extra limbs, without brains.
Regarding the fires in Mexico and the smoke here in the U.S., those fires are carrying particulate material from fields that have been sprayed with chemicals recycled from biological warfare. We're dealing with experiments….plant RNA and human DNA, where in the wheat fields in Canada, they tried to cross plant and human species. They're doing this with plant life all over the world. And where they have experimented with the fields, like the valleys of California, the valleys of Arizona, up in Canada, the wheat that grew as a result could not be used to make bread because it was infected with a fungus and wouldn't rise. So they sold it to pasta companies because pasta doesn't have to rise. Another thing they did was to give the experimental wheat to Third World countries and Native Americans as surplus food. Now all of these people eating this "food" with the fungus in it are developing liver ailments, respiratory illness and Alzheimer's disease.
They are also spraying the weeds in Mexico from airplanes so people can't collect organic herbs. That is what is burning now. The burning is causing "Pyrons". A Pyron is the basic protein building block of all life. [It has mutated]. The illnesses now caused by Pyrons are called "Stealth Viruses" have even been presented on "60 Minutes" [early May, 1998]. In Los Angeles, there is what is called "the X-Files Disease" because they have no idea what kind of virus it is. It produces symptoms typical of the flu or a type of pneumonia and within 24 hours, people are dead.
I call them "Electronic Viruses" which can be easily manipulated by frequency. They're experimenting with this now. New forms of warfare…..HAARP is part of the experiment where they're working with certain frequencies that can cause changes and effects within a human being. Everything from emotional to total disorientation. They come down with strange flu-like symptoms and Chronic Fatigue.
We're [still] talking about the fungus. There's a tremendous outbreak of Tuberculosis; everybody is suffering from respiratory things. The smoke coming up from Mexico is coming from fields that have been sprayed. The smoke that came down through Montana and Wyoming and Canada is coming from fields that have been sprayed and used for experimental purposes. I have the documentation of this. Scientists and doctors and physicists from all over the world are now starting to write us and confirm what we're talking about.
[The third "Thunder"] has everything to do with organic life; trees, birds, fish, people, flowers. It's all connected to water. The water and the cycles of the water that moves up to the clouds [and] comes down to the mountains. All the ecosystem is connected like a fine net. We're coming now to the fact that we have been using (since WWII), zillions and zillions of tons of petrochemicals that we convert to fertilizers, bug sprays….This goes into the soil and we're seeing the soil becoming devastated and lifeless. It can't support life. They came out with something else, a chemical distortion to try to supercharge the soil with life, to create plants that we now eat. We're now eating chemicals. The animals are now eating chemicals. We're also seeing this through the water cycle, the atmosphere has become diseased. The atmosphere has holes in the Ozone. This then lets these detrimental radiations come down on lifeforms, further causing distortion in their duplication. Now we even have holes in the Ionosphere.
What we're experiencing now is the important point that I think the Elders are trying to get across right now and are allowing me to talk about.
With the beginning of the fourth "Thunder" we would begin to see the "Devil Winds". The "Devil Winds" are strange wind storms that come up out of nowhere and blow beyond 200 mph. There are tornadoes coming all over the country where they ought not to be. Of course, everything gets blamed on El Nino. I talk about that in "Winds of Change." El Ninos used to come up every so many years, and now they're coming right on top of each other.
So, again, we have this reaction of the Earth, in the physical, to everything that is being done. The result of what we're seeing is in the emotional stress, we're seeing in the mental fatigue, and we're seeing a decline of a global civilization. The global civilization is imploding. The result we see is the violence on the streets, the violence we see in our homes, the sense of hopelessness that's going on with people going out and working two jobs and not having time with their families…and they still can't get out of debt. We're dealing with the collapse….that goes back to the Mayan prophecies, of all structures, meaning religious structures, science structures, social structures and financial structures. This is exactly what we're in the middle of now. The result being from the cause, which is the fourth "Thunder," is that which made up the consciousness of man, that held the world together would begin to implode. When that starts to implode, when you start to lose your spirituality, when you start to lose your connection to the Earth, and when you start to lose your connection to who you are and how you walk this life, walk this path, when you lose that, you implode. That started happening in the '80s.
What's happening now is that the fourth and fifth ["Thunders"] are sort of overlapping because you've got the collapse of the atmosphere that's causing all of this harmful radiation to come in. I went to the woods ten years ago and found 37 herbs and when I go, if I find two I'm lucky. Science has already said there's new microbes being developed in the ocean. They're finding new forms of vegetation. They're finding new forms of insects, [as well as birds and mammals].
What happens now in the fifth ["Thunder"] is we begin to see the breakdown of the cosmology of the planet that literally holds the consciousness together. We also start to see the discovery of many things that have been kept hidden until this time, such as ancient cities start to appear. We start to find ancient texts that have been buried for hundreds of years.
There's a strange situation down there [in Mexico] because you have two volcanoes on top of each other. The top one, which is getting ready to burp now, will cause the bottom one to go. [There is a] 200 degree ground temperature in Mexico. They're actual reports of animals bursting into flames from walking on the ground.
In the prophecies, it speaks about how the "tail of the turtle" would break. This would be a sign that we're going into the sixth "Thunder." It says under the sixth and seventh "Thunders" many undersea volcanoes erupt, blowing sulfur breezes and clouds will drop black dust on cars. Huge Canadian, Great Lakes and Mississippi volcano action will cause land to rise as high as the Himalayas. There's a shelf in the Gulf of Mexico the Native People refer to as the "Cities of Prophecy". If we look at the geography, there's a shelf there very similar to the Himalayas. When you have volcanic action in that area, it's pushing the plate up….right now it's pushing the northern plate against Louisiana and Texas. According to the prophecies, when this [chain of events] starts, it will start with a volcano blowing up in Mexico. When that starts, it would start a whole chain reaction straight up the California coast. That fault line ends right in the San Juan Islands of Washington state. It would kick off seismographic activity in the Cascade Mountains that would not cease. And, that we would start to see large portions of land break off and fall into the water. We are seeing that already in South America.
We are now reacting to what we are doing to the Earth. Have you ever noticed that when something happens over in Asia, within a few days or a week or so, something happens on this side. When we blow something up in India, something happens over here. It's all connected. [When the French did their testing] we had that huge [7 mile] rip in the Pacific Ocean where the land just literally opened up and billions of gallons [of water] an hour pouring into the inner Earth.
And that we would see at this time strange lights in the sky. We're seeing the presence being felt on a global level of the Extraterrestrials, which is a very BIG part of the prophecy….that the "Brothers from the Stars" would return. That we would start to interact and that once again, they would come down and try to help us hold together what would be falling apart. We are now beyond the question of a doubt there's a lot more to this stuff than they ever admitted. Where did we get our technology? Where did we get Velcro? Where did we get transistors from? Where did we get the idea for the chip? So, we're now seeing the opening up through science of the fact that there's much more to the metaphysical world.
The programs that are going on throughout the world now. Why is the UN building compounds all over the country? Why are we looking at thousands of UN vehicles….school buses with bars on them and UN symbols? Is it perhaps the fact they are afraid that we're going to find out about what they've REALLY been doing with the crops?
Based on the sixth "Thunder" in October and November of this year, we're going to see what they call the "little balls of fire coming from the heavens." They're going to fall. They're going to hit the Earth. Some of them may be as big as golf balls, and there will be holes in the Earth. Now, all of a sudden, we find out that we're headed toward tremendous meteor showers from the debris left behind by Hale-Bopp. This debris is already hitting the atmosphere. We're also seeing reports of strange colored lightning that's been moving in the Upper Ionosphere. NASA has been filming it. They're blue and pink and green lightning. We've already seen the colors of the rainbow change to ten. There are no longer just seven colors to the rainbow.
We can read many of the crop circles. The crop circles are giving us chemical formulas. They're formulas for DNA. They're telling us about double helixes and the DNA strands. They're telling us about different things that need to be done to the Earth.
Where we're going now is a place where what happens in our immediate future depends upon how we adjust our consciousness. We're talking about MONTHS, not years. The situation of the Year 2000 thing. April of next year is when that begins. You're looking at a potential collapse of the economic system. You're talking about Europe going to the "Euro" as of January 1 [1999]. We're talking about the United States now shifting over from a Gold Standard to a Platinum Standard. There's not enough gold to support what they want to do and they're trying to keep independent of the European bankers. We are talking about all of the prophecies happening.
The water will become more valuable than gold, so find a deep-water source. You're going to have to find water that comes from granite because all the surface water will be tainted.
The West Coast will have more volcanic activity through the year 2002 and several months of near-darkness, so we'll go into very much like the Alaskan winters. As we go into the sixth "Thunder" the volcanoes start to explode. It will start a chain reaction that will build up to many of these things happening. The coastal waters of our country are expected to rise nearly 200 to 300 feet. There will be a shifting of magnetic poles that will stabilize around the year 2000. They calculate the shifting will be somewhere around 32 degrees.
There will be two seasons worldwide and the temperatures will be 15 to 20 degrees higher. We'll soon see 9.7 to 12.0 earthquakes that will begin along the Pacific Rim. The land will increase along Japan's coast from beneath the sea. A G-force funnel from the Pacific will hit the Central American coast. We'll see after 2000, 75% of the world's population perish. The Pacific Northwest will establish communities for youth under 20. You will see a mass migration of single Mothers with children, trying to flee the cities to a place where they can live. In a lot of ways, this has already begun. They're up here in the Northwest. There are already communities being set up everywhere with people who left because life doesn't work anymore. We see forced containment for the untreatably afflicted people. Diseases will become so rampant in the cities they will literally block the cities off. They will prevent people from coming out and will tell us it's for our own good. So the cities will become armed encampments.
Devastating storms and volcanoes will begin to erupt in the Mediterranean. Russia will pollute the Bering Sea with canisters of radioactive chemicals. This will kill all sealife in the area and infect their own water supplies they get from under the ground. We will see the breakup of five regions of the U.S. The Southwest will [have] firestorms and there will be a combustible fuel ban. You will not be able to start cars or any motors like that because the gases will start erupting from the Earth, very similar to what's going on now in Mexico. We will experience severe six-month winters. Strange animals and insects created by radioactive pollution will appear in the deserts. People born between the years 1943 and 1947 will begin to have full memory of Atlantis and the fall of Atlantis. Many of these people will come up with survival solutions because of their past experience. World powers will reveal the truth about extraterrestrials. It will no longer be a secret. The Middle East will realize(?) deadly devices. There will be three warnings given. There will be a holographic image appear in the heavens to halt the aggression. If this does not work, the battlefields will be frozen in time. People will be as if they were in a dream state and frozen in whatever position they are in. Then we will see the dematerialization of many of these people. If this doesn't happen, the great Light Ships will appear in the skies. We can expect major icestorms around the year 2001 worldwide. We will see strange sheets of ice falling. They will say it's like blankets of ice falling upon the Earth, especially up in the northeastern regions of the U.S. The seventh "Thunder" is the "Purifier." It's not so much an entity as it is a time of cleansing and rebirth. The "Purifier" then sets forth and starts to enter into our Earthly domain and our little solar system.


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